#1 Aesthetic Treatment Clinic Now in Pakistan

Imperial Aesthetics is Pakistan’s largest aesthetic brand, proud of delivering the best results as promised!. We are offering surgical and non surgical treatments.


Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is a cosmetic surgical method of reshaping the nose. A surgeon increases/decreases size of nose, changes the shape of tip/bridge, narrows nostrils’ span, and modifies angle between nose and upper lip. This surgery is performed not only to get the better nose appearance but also to correct some breathing problems, birth defects and marks of injuries.

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Skin and Laser

Skin and Laser

Reverse the clock with Facial Laser Treatments and restore your confident appearance. We are offering beauty treatments with state-of-art equipment and foreign qualified doctors.


Face Treatments

Stay young and beautiful even when its challenge to keep your face in tone. We are here to help in the anti-aging process with our advanced treatments with the latest equipment and experienced doctors. The following are the best treatments we are offering you at a very feasible cost.

Face Treatments

Body Breast

Staying in shape was not as easy as it is with us. If any of your body parts are not in tone or you want to improve it Here are our services for you.


Hair Treatment

Your hair is your crown and confidence. In case you have lost it in any way we are here to help you to get it back with our qualified surgeons. Here are the state-of-art treatments for your hair.

hair Treatments
Dental Treatment

Dental Treatment

Smile is your actual beauty and grace. If anything is bothering your smile You can cure it with us to retain your confident smile.


Micropigmentation Treatment

We are offering Micropigmentation treatments with state-of-art equipment and foreign qualified doctors.