Imperial Aesthetics Offers the Professional And Affordable Stretch Marks Removal Treatment In Gujrat

Stretch Marks affect thousands of people, regardless of age or situation. Weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, or simply growing can all result in the Fine Silvery, Long, Fragmented Scars that are sunken into the skin. Elasticity plays an important part in how stretch marks form and is also an important factor in how we can use Micropigmentation to remove stretch marks.

Gujrat, PAK Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Treatment In Gujrat

Stretch Marks are a type of marks that form on the skin when skin speedily loses its elasticity or tightens because of weight gain or weight loss. This sudden change causes Collagen And Elastin which support our skin. Stretch Marks need treatment to make your skin fresh and younger. Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks or small lines of brown or red in color on the skin. Anyone can develop this on any part of the body like belly, thighs, hips, breasts, back, or shoulders. Although it can affect women more than men. Imperial Aesthetic is also serving for the treatment of Birth Marks as well in Gujrat.

How Stretch Marks Formed?

As Age Spots are caused by overactive pigment cells, Stretch Marks are formed because of a sudden change of the skin. The skin consists of three key layers. Stretch Marks form in the dermis, or middle layer, when the connective tissue is stretched beyond the limits of its elasticity. This is due to the expansion or shrinking of the skin. 

Stretch Marks Causes :

There are six main reasons for stretch marks such asweight-gain-and-stretch-marks

  1. Weight Loss Stretch Marks
  2. Weight Gain And Stretch Marks
  3. Pregnancy Stretch Marks
  4. Medical condition Stretch Marks
  5. Corticosteroid use and Stretch Marks
  6. Puberty Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks look ugly and make us discomfort though they are not dangerous clinically. Everyone wants to get rid of them. 

Type Of Stretch Marks Treatment 

There are many types to treat stretch marks. 

  1. Microneedling Treatment For Stretch Marks
  2. PRP Treatment For Stretch Marks 
  3. Chemical Peel Of Stretch Marks

Microneedling Treatment For Stretch marks In Gujrat

Stretch marks treatment with Microneedling is known as the best treatment in the world of the latest technology. Imperial Aesthetics is known as the Best Clinic for the treatment of Stretch Marks. Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment. It is also known as Collagen Induction Therapy. With the help of tiny micro-needles, the upper layer of the skin is punctured which triggers the body to produce new collagen and elastin. This treatment gives your skin a new look without Stretch Marks.

PRP Treatment For Stretch Marks In Gujrat

PRP traditionally stands for platelet-rich plasma. Platelet Rich Plasma treatment for stretch marks is based on the natural healing process when PRP is injected into the collagen under the skin. PRP is injected with microneedles and skin gets repaired within an hour. This process encourages your body to create collagen for new skin.

Benefits Of Microneedling And PRP Treatments

  • Less Painful
  • Reduces Stretch Marks And Other Skin Issues
  • Useful For All Types Of Skin