Dark Circles Treatment in Gujrat By The Best Dermatologist At Imperial Aesthetics

Do you look tired always due to dark brown or black blemishes around the eyes called Dark Circles? Longing for fresh facial appearance? It is advisable to undergo Dark Circles Treatment at Imperial Aesthetics. You would be able to attain younger and fresher look through our advanced and effective remedies for under-eye circles.

Gujrat, PAK Dark Circle Treatment

What Causes Dark Circles?

Here are different causes of dark circles under the eyes.

Facial Aging 

When we aged then Eyelid Skin loses its elasticity, which causes dark circles. This is also resulted due to thinning under the eye, bulging under-eye fat, volume loss in the cheeks, and under-eye.

Lifestyle Choices

Dark circles are a consequence of our lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol consumption, dehydration, sleep deprivation, caffeine consumption, and dietary deficiency.

Other Causes 

They are sun exposure, environmental exposure, nasal congestion, allergies, hyper-pigmentation, venous congestion under-eye blood vessels, and certain medical conditions.

Benefits Of Under Eye Circles Treatments

Here are some benefits that you can grab through the treatment of under-eye circles.

  • Get Fresh Look
  • Wonderful Eyes Appearance
  • Look Younger
  • Stop Aging Effect On Eyes
  • Get Rid Of Under-eye Puffiness
  • Restore Lost Volume Under The Eye
  • Get Back Lost Volume Of Cheeks
  • Enjoy Youthful Appearance

8 Best Treatments in Gujrat For Dark Circles Under Eyes

You need to contact a Dermatologist whenever you want to Treat The Dark Circles in an effective manner. A physician will fully examine your Eye Circles and may recommend one or a combination of 2-3 treatments depending on your condition. Here are common treatments offered at Imperial Aesthetics.

  • Skin Lightening
  • Intense Pulsed Light Therapy
  • Chemical Peel
  • Laser Resurfacing 
  • Facial Fillers
  • Fat injections
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Cheek lift

Skin Lightening 

It is the least invasive procedure in which a topic bleaching agent is recommended by a dermatologist. When the Dark Circles are resulted due to hyperpigmentation then this treatment seems to be the best. The doctor uses hydroquinone and Kojic Acid, normally.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

The doctor suggests IPL when blood vessels are prominent under eyes as dark purple or blue. However, every doctor doesn’t suggest using Intense Pulsed Light Therapy as it has certain side effects. When a person has vascular pigmentation issues then this treatment is suggested.

Chemical Peel

This is among the most effective Skin Resurfacing Treatments. The doctor uses low concentration TCA (trichloroacetic acid) for exfoliating the top layer of skin. This treatment lightens the per orbital area. The darkness of this area can easily be decreased through TCA. The patient needs to wait for a few weeks before he gets promising results of this non-surgical treatment of dark circles.

Laser Resurfacing 

Another effective remedy for the circle under eyes is to undergo Laser Treatment. During this procedure, the doctor uses antibacterial cleanser for cleaning the area under your eyes. He uses a wand-like tool for Concentrating Laser Beam On Dark Circles. He moves this tool slowly around the area. You need to apply moisturizing creams prescribed by the doctor just after the procedure. You need to avoid sun exposure as much as you can. The results of this treatment are quite amazing since dark circles disappear quickly.

Facial Fillers 

Sometimes, dark circles are caused by thinning under eyes or fat/volume loss of upper cheeks or under eyes. In this situation, the doctor suggests you undergo Facial Fillers. Inject-able fillers comprise of hyaluronic acid are used for restoring volume to tear trough or upper cheek area. The results of this treatment are temporary yet very good.

Fat injections 

These injections are exactly alike with facial fillers. Fat Transfer is another name of this treatment. The doctor tries to correct volume loss or thinning under eye skin problems through it. In this procedure, the patient’s own fat is injected under the eyes. The results of this treatment are permanent, you are able to Get Rid of Dark Circles of eyes once you have it.

Eyelid Surgery 

No doubt, the most effective Treatment For Dark Circles is to undergo eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty. The results of this treatment are permanent. People get younger and smoother look after it. The doctor performs surgery on the lower eyelid for Diminishing The Dark Circles. In order to get remarkable results, the doctor usually combines it with other surgeries such as tear trough implants, addition/removal of under-eye fat or arcus marginalis release.

Cheek lift 

The aging process affects the volume of cheeks to a great extent. A cheek descent or drooping is caused by facial aging. The doctor performs a Cheek Lift Procedure when he wants to diminish under-eye circles, puffiness, and deep folds.