Imperial Aesthetics Offers The Best Gummy Smile Treatment And Surgery In Gujrat By Reducing Upper Elevation And Gum Tissue 

A gummy smile surgery (gingivectomy) can be helpful for patients who have too much gum tissue showing when they smile. The patient may appear to have excessive gum tissue or overly small teeth. In either case, this Outpatient Surgical Procedure is often effective for improving the aesthetic appearance of the smile, and thereby the self-esteem of the patient. The containment of the levator muscle of the upper lip and wing of the nose was used for the treatment of patients with a gummy smile. This technique had corrected Esthetic Alterations of a smile, reducing the upper lip elevation, which results in a Smaller Gingival Display. An upper lip lengthening, as well as a Reduction in The Upper Lip shortening when the patient smiled, could be observed.

Gujrat, PAK Gummy Smile