Imperial Aesthetics Provides The Professional Cleft Palate Treatment In Gujrat For Both Unilateral And Bilateral Cleft Lip Or Palate

A Cleft Lip (CL) is a separation in the upper lip. A Cleft Palate (CP) is an opening in the roof of the mouth. Clefts result from incomplete development of the lip and/or palate in the early weeks of pregnancy. During this time the face is being formed – the top and the two sides develop at the same time and grow towards each other, finally fusing in the middle. The lip and primary palate develop at 4 to 6 weeks of gestation. While the secondary palate develops at approximately nine weeks. A Cleft Lip Or Cleft Palate can be either unilateral (one side only) or bilateral (both sides). A cleft can be either complete or incomplete. A complete palatal cleft involves both the Primary And Secondary Palate, while an incomplete cleft involves the secondary palate only. A child may be born with either a cleft lip or cleft palate or both. Combined cleft lip and palate represents Approximately 50% of Incidents, cleft palate only alone 30%, and cleft alone 20%.

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